The Ultimate Bulking Guide

So you wanna get big huh? Then read this Ultimate Bulking Guide!

The term ‘bulking‘ is used in bodybuilding when you are trying to gain muscle mass. It is generally done over a set period of time, or until a certain body weight is achieved and then followed by a ‘cutting‘ phase. Cutting is the process of losing the fat which will inevitably be gained during the bulking process in order to get lean and show muscle definition.


So where do you start? The answer is in the kitchen. The most important aspect of bulking is the amount of calories you are consuming each day. It is generally a simple concept; in order to gain weight you need to eat more calories than you burn in a day. This is called a calorie surplus. Of course, this does not mean you should just start eating anything and everything. This is called a dirty bulk and although you may gain some muscle mass, you will gain a lot of weight in fat (and who wants to be fat right?). The best method is to eat clean and make sure you get a good balance between protein, carbohydrates and fats.

The best way to work out how many calories you should be getting each day is to take your bodyweight (in pounds/lbs) and multiply that by 15 and then add a further 500 onto that number. The final number will be the amount of calories you should be aiming to consume each day in order to gain some decent weight. So for example a 160lbs man should be aiming to eat 160 X 15 + 500 = 2900 Kcals each day.

To get the best results you will want to split the calories up and try and aim roughly for about 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fats with each meal. You should also try and aim to get about 1.5g of protein per lb of body weight. Eating frequency does not have much of an impact on the results, although usually 6 meals each day is recommended as this means you can split up the meals and are not having to eat huge amounts per meal (unless that’s your type of thing!). Take a look at the list of example foods for each calorie source at the bottom of the page. You should weigh yourself weekly, and if you are making gains of around 2.2-4.4lbs (1-2 kg) each week then that is considered good. If you are gaining less than that you should up your calories by 200-300 until you are making these kinds of weight gains.

Now lets take a look at supplements. Supplements are not a requirement, but they sure as hell can help you out. The main supplement I would recommend taking is protein shakes. You can get whey protein, egg protein, casein, pizza protein (yeah, one of them might be made up) and these really help you get your daily protein requirements easily in a quick shake. The next supplement I would recommend is creatine. Creatine is naturally produced by your body and can also be found in food. It helps supply energy to the cells within your body, mainly muscle cells, which gives an increase in energy meaning you might be able to get a couple of extra reps or lift slightly heavier weights. This all adds up in building muscle mass. These are the two main supplements that we recommend should be used by beginners. You can look into the other supplements such as BCAA’s, L-Glutamine, fat burners etc if you wish but protein and creatine are the 2 main supplements we recommend.

The type of workout or training you do does not really have to be changed to gain weight, as it is mainly the nutrition which determines whether or not you will gain or lose weight. If you are a beginner, we would recommend doing workouts which consist of mainly compound movements and sticking between the 6 – 10 rep range, making sure you are lifting as heavy weight as you can to obtain the rep range, but making sure you keep perfect form is also important.

Food Sources

Protein Carbohydrates Fats
Chicken Oatmeal Peanut Butter
Beef/Steak Pasta Nuts (unsalted)
Eggs Rice Fish Oil
Fish (mainly Tuna) Bread (whole wheat) Olive Oil
Pork Sweet Potatoes
Milk Fruit
Cottage Cheese Vegetables

See our homemade weight gainer shake recipe for a easy way to increase your calorie intake.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get BIG!


Get Smart, Train Smart, Achieve Goals.


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