Pre Sleep Greek Yogurt Recipe

It is important to get a good source of fuel for your body to burn away at throughout your sleep. Preferably a slow burning protein which will get your body through the night until breakfast time. Greek Yogurt has the obvious benefit of being super high in protein (10g of protein for every 100g), next to no fat and barely any carbohydrates – making it the perfect snack to eat before sleeping. It is super light to eat, and you can make it tasty very simply by adding your favourite fruits and sweeteners and that is why this pre sleep greek yogurt recipe is for you!

Here is a quick recipe, and example of what can be created using greek yogurt as a base and adding little bits to help alter and sweeten up the taste to your desire. For this example you will need:

– 300g Greek Yogurt

– 60g Strawberries

– Some Sweetener

– Chocolate Sprinkles (optional)


Now this isn’t rocket science but I will take you through the steps I take, this literally takes 2 minutes to make.

Step 1: Weigh out 300g of Greek Yogurt in a bowl.

Step 2: Weigh out 60g of strawberries, wash them and them chop them up in to pieces

Step 3: Add the chopped strawberries and sweetener in to the bowl with the Greek Yogurt

Step 4: Using a hand blender, blend it all together until in a nice smooth consistency

pre sleep greek yogurt recipe

And that’s it! For some people, simply topping the greek yogurt with whole or chopped strawberries would be fine, I just personally like it to be all blended together. Depending on your macros and calorie in take you can alter this and add honey, peanut butter, chocolate sprinkles – whatever you want. Greek Yogurt is so simple and flexible that you will be sure to create something that works well for you!

In this example, the nutritional info is:

Calories: 191Kcals
Protein: 30g
Carbohydrates: 8.8g
Fats: 0.2g

Simple, yet effective!

Get Smart, Train Smart, Achieve Goals!

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