Gym Bag Essentials

There is nothing worse than getting to the gym and then realizing you have forgotten something. Your straps, your water bottle, some deodorant. No matter what it is, it can interfere with your workout and is generally just a little bit annoying. This is the reason why it is important to have an organized gym bag which is ready to go whenever you need to hit the gym. Besides your gym clothes, here is what we think are the main gym bag essentials:

Hygiene – A can of deodorant and some shower gel should always be in your gym bag. Everyone is going to sweat at the gym (if not then you are doing it wrong!), but that doesn’t mean you should just forget about your hygiene. Nothing is worse than when someone walks past you when you are on the bench and you catch a huge whiff of body odor. Just a quick dash of deodorant does everyone a favor.

Water Bottle – If you are working out hard enough you will need to sip on water to keep yourself hydrated. Bring a bottle – this saves you less trips the the water fountain so you can spend more time on your training.

Supportive Equipment – Whether you use a lifting belt, wrist supports, gym gloves or any other supportive equipment for your workouts, it is important that they are at the ready when you need them. This is vital to prevent injury if you require any of these supports.

Towel – It is important that you respect others when you are at the gym. Bring a small towel to wipe down any equipment you use so that there is not a huge puddle of sweat waiting to surprise the next guy to use it.

Music – This has been proven to help you stay focused with your training. Bring an MP3 player loaded with your favorite songs that get you pumped up and ready to work your muscles.

Timer – Timing yourself can be quite important at the gym. Making sure you only take a certain amount of rest between sets, performing an exercise for a set time, it is all important and helps you be the best you can be. Bring a watch or you could even use a timing app on your phone or mp3 player if it supports it.

These are just a few of the essentials we think you should have in your gym bag. Depending on your situation – you might want to bring some pre/post workout snacks or protein shakes – a magazine for your cardio. Let us know what you have in your gym bag in the comments below.

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