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It is important to work on the upper chest so that your chest is proportionate and you do not end up with too large a lower chest in comparison to your upper chest (looks a bit like man boobs – especially from the side). In this guide you will learn some exercises and techniques to build a bigger upper chest which will create a fuller and more aesthetically pleasing chest. The first step to building a bigger upper chest is to start your chest day doing incline bench press. This allows you to go 100% on the upper chest area (as incline works the upper chest) and means you can go heavier than if you were to first do flat bench. This means you can hit your upper chest harder and tear those muscle fibers down. It is your choice really if you would rather do barbell incline bench or dumbbells. I usually then follow up by hitting the flat bench press, but do not be surprised if you can’t lift as heavy as your chest will now be fatigued from the incline bench press – this shouldn’t really be too big of a problem as you may already have a larger lower chest.

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Another less known exercise which is great for building the upper pectoral muscles is the Guillotine Press. This involves lying down on a flat bench with a wide grip on the barbell. The trick to hitting the upper chest with this movement is that you are aiming to bring the bar down to your neck area (hence the name). This really puts a lot of tension on the upper chest and gives a nice burn. I usually leave this as a finisher for my chest day to really tear those fibers up. Generally you do not want to go too heavy with this exercise – as due to its positioning it can be a little dangerous. I also advise you really control this well as it can damage your shoulders if done improperly (smith machines come in great with this exercise for the added stability).


The final exercise I will now discuss with you is the Dumbbell Pullover. This one exercise is great for adding volume to the upper chest area – providing that it is performed correctly and is stimulating your upper chest area and not using your lats or other muscles. To do this movement correct:

– Lie down on your back, perpendicular to a flat bench. Keep your hips set down fairly low.

– Hold a dumbbell with both of your palms on the upper, inner plate. Arms bent slightly, with dumbbell directly above your chest to begin with.

– Now slowly lower the dumbbell back and down behind your head. It should not get further away from your head otherwise you will be bringing your lat muscles in to play. Think of the motion as curve from the starting position to behind your head.

– At the point that you feel a stretch and some tension in your chest, stop and reverse the movement back to the starting position. Focus on only using the chest muscles to return the dumbbell back to this point. At the top of the movement when you have returned back to the starting position, really squeeze your pecs before entering the next repetition.

Check out the following video for reference on this movement: Chest Pullovers

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Follow these simple techniques and exercises to builder a bigger, fuller and stronger upper chest.

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